Japan, my dream.

So about 2 months ago, my husband was asked to go to Japan for work and let me tell you I was NOT going to let this opportunity pass me by. I’ve always thought about Japan in the way probably most people do, large and wildly lit city filled with intrigue and weird “cyber” cafes or whatever. (and that SO exists.)  

But really it was a very calm, peaceful place with delightful desserts and coffee, and lush gardens around every corner. I found an inner quiet that I hadn’t had in years, I felt lost in this adventure, we couldn’t speak the language, although we tried, it was like we were observing a city on the move. I loved everything about it, the people, the food, the language barrier, the tiny alleys filled with secrets. It had been a long time since I had been challenged in such a way

That being said, I was changed in many ways but mostly from a design aspect, I learned the importances details and thoughtfulness. The amount of care the Japanese culture puts into their everyday really made me stop (and smell the roses, if you will). It made me realize how important that is and how appreciated it is from others, but mostly just how damn pleasant it can be.